Hi, I'm Amie

Hi, I'm Amie



I'm a certified coach, passionate wayfinder and life long seeker.

At my core, I'm equal parts romantic, cowgirl and aspiring bohemian. I am a lover of compassion, an aficionado of authenticity and an unapologetic possibilitarian. My work is centered around thought wrangling, purpose pinpointing and joy alchemy.  

I believe each of us has a unique and beautiful light to shine on this world, including you.

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Have you noticed the standard of perfection all around you?  Our contemporary culture seems to suggest once you're "perfect," you'll be happy. 

the modern misconception

I have a dirty little secret, and I suspect you have a similar one. It's taken me a long time to admit...I am not perfectLogically, I know I'm far from flawless, yet for practically my entire life I carried around a fear of being exposed. In my head, it's lit up, in red, flashing lights... "something is wrong with me!" For a long time, I regarded this as true: 

banner the myth

Today, I see this equation for what it really is: misguided thinking that actually destroys our best efforts for happiness. It leaves us women feeling isolated and ashamed. So we over-correct by clamming up, by pretending, by trying harder. Which, in turn, makes us feel overwhelmed, anxious, insecure, fearful, exhausted, or sad.  

Researcher and best-selling author, Brené Brown, calls perfectionism a shield that we use against shame and judgement. She says shame (I am bad or I am not enough) is "the birthplace of perfectionism." No wonder why we continue to project "perfect". . . It's a great cover for shame. Instead, Brown offers, "It is by embracing our imperfections that we find our truest gifts: courage, compassion and connection."

Based on my studies of Brené's work and many others whom I admire greatly, like Martha Beck, Deepak Chopra and Byron Katie, I believe there's a more accurate recipe for joy.

the reality  Creed

I coach women, and their partners, throughout all the stages of transition on the motherhood journey. If you're a soon to be mom, new parent or seasoned mama who's feeling stuck, afraid, confused or uninspired. . .  I'd love to help. 

I'll help you see yourself as the beauty you are. I'll teach you tools that will encourage you to move away from the sense of fear, perfection and judgement that keep you stuck and hold you back. Together we'll cultivate more authenticity, courage and joy in your life.

It would be my great honor to listen to the whispers of your life. I look forward to supporting you in finding your unique equation for wellbeing and happiness. 

Please see About Amie to learn of my journey towards listening to my life's whispers.


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